The Quality Advantage

A Project Manager is specifically assigned to build each Sun Forest home and this insures the highest quality of construction.  The Project Manager closely supervises each phase of construction, from ground-breaking through final walk-through. Sun Forest also employs its own highly skilled teams of finish carpenters and painters. Collectively the Sun Forest team has over 739 years of experience in the construction industry.

The Experience Advantage

Having worked with more than 3,000 home owners in Central Oregon over the past 36 years, Sun Forest has developed strong relationships with numerous subcontractors and suppliers. We know who offers the best talent and the best value.  These relationships improve our buying power for products and services.

The Local Advantage

The unique Central Oregon climate often takes out-of-town and new builders by surprise, thus they risk missing the mark in critical stages of construction. Sun Forest knows what precautions to take based on over three decades of building in Central Oregon. We have learned through experience how to handle the construction challenges created by the extreme swings in temperature and moisture that exist daily, weekly, and seasonally in the local area.